Culture Night 20th September – Notice for organisers

Culture Night LogoFollowing the upward trend since the first Culture Night Kildare in 2010, Culture Night 2012 was a great success. In total there were 97 groups, organisations and venues taking part to produce 55 fantastic events across the County.  Kildare County Council extend our gratitude to all those who took the time and effort to organise their events.

Events encompassed all interests from music to history, film to nature, visual art to informative lectures, bus tours, walks and picnics.

Culture Night 2013 will be held on Friday 20th September. Arts and cultural organisations are encouraged to open their doors until late with free events, tours, talks and performances for family and friends to enjoy.

To maximise participation, we are offering the opportunity for certain events to be held on Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd September.  If you feel your event is better suited to the weekend we would like to speak with you to discuss the options available.

Kildare County Council will supply and design the posters, programmes, balloons and advertising for newspapers and local radio to help promote the events.

It is very important that persons involved in hosting and organising events advertise their event locally by putting up posters, leaving programmes in their local shops, placing a notice in the community notes section of their local paper and using their databases to inform as many people as possible about Culture Night.

The use of social media is also strongly encouraged. All of the Culture Night Kildare events will be posted to the ‘Arts in Kildare’ facebook page, please join us and share the events to help spread the word. If you have a twitter account the national hashtag for Culture Night is #culturenight.

This joint advertising effort will ensure a strong attendance on the night.

A stipend of €200 will be available to participating groups for expenses.

If you would like to discuss any ideas or confirm your place in this year’s programme please contact Bridin Fofarty.


On behalf of Kildare County Council

T: 087 7653643 E :


Culture Night was initiated by Temple Bar Cultural Trust in 2006 and has since been expanding across the Country.  Culture Night helps to create an awareness and interest in the availability and diversity of cultural organisations such as galleries, theatres, historic sites, museums, public spaces, churches, nature parks, libraries, etc,  that are available at local level.  This year events will span across the whole weekend, allowing families and people to visit a number of different events over a few days. The focus of Culture Night/Weekend is to encourage new participants and visitors to take note of your organisation and hopefully return to you during the year.