About Kilcullen Heritage Group

About Kilcullen Heritage Group

Kilcullen Heritage Group was formed in March 1998 with the aim of promoting and preserving the rich heritage in our community. We are based in Kilcullen Town Hall and are a key partner in the Kilcullen Town Hall & Heritage Co Ltd.

Kilcullen Town Hall & Heritage Co Ltd.

The Kilcullen Town Hall & Heritage Co Ltd is managed by a Board comprised of representatives of the Drama Group, Camphill Community, Tidy Towns Organization, Heritage Group and Lions Club.

The aim of the Board is to ensure that the facility is used to the maximum benefit of the local community and, where possible, the wider community of all peoples.  This is not just a grandiose aspiration.  Events in the hall over the past few years provide clear evidence of a real commitment to achieving our aim.

At a local level we strive to encourage unity in our community, also an understanding of our interdependence, through education, provided in such diverse ways as:

(a)   Entertainment

(b)   Promotion of charitable enterprises

(c)    Creation of an awareness of our history and traditions

(d)   Encouragement of the creative impulse

(e)    Recognition of special people in our community

(f)    The consideration of the idea that there may be something beyond, and more important than, our ordinary day-to-day experience of life.

Examples of how we have tried to achieve this under the various headings listed above are:

(a) Entertainment

The Drama Group has always striven to be more than a group of would-be actors indulging their passion for play-acting.  Their clear objective has always been to provide a focus for the community, a place where we can come together to entertain one another, to meet old friends, to make new acquaintances, to proclaim our oneness and our commitment to each other.

(b) Charitable Enterprises

In recent times the Town Hall has been used to promote

  • Kildare Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Awareness of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Local GAA & Soccer Clubs
  • Solas Youth Café
  • Senior Citizens Assoc
  • Barrettstown Gang
  • Lions Club “Feather” Project
  • The Hospice Organization
  • Scouts Group and many others.

(c)  Awareness of Our History and Traditions

  • Launch of Lt Gen Noel Bergin Book “Kilcullen in 1798”
  • Unveiling of Memorial Stone at the Bridge
  • Launch of Dick Jeffers Book “A Harvest of Memories”
  • Launch of Michael McGinleys Book “The La Touche Family in Ireland
  • Dr. Sue Johnson’s, George Washington University, Talk on new Geophysical surveys at Dun Ailinne
  • Pastor Dunlop’s talk on John Ruskin & Rose La Touche
  • Heritage Week Seminars
    • 2003 – Centenary of Gordon Bennett Motor Race
    • 2004 – The Burrows of Gilltown – A History Involving the next Generation
    • 2005 – Dun Ailinne – Royal Site of Leinster
    • 2006 – Three talks by local residents on their memories
    • 2007 – Reeling in the Capers
    • 2008 – Official launch of “Dun Ailinne” Excavation at an Irish Royal Site
    • 2010 – Walk and Talk around the Town
    • 2011 – New Abbey House and its ever changing Times
    • 2012 –  Kilcullen River Festival

(d) Encouragement of the Creative Impulse

  • Writer’s Workshops
  • School Concerts
  • Tom Crean
  • Local Talent Shows
  • Photographic Exhibition
  • David Norris

(d) Recognition of Special People

  • Community Awards Night
  • Presentations to VIPs  (Voluntarily Involved People)

(f) The Consideration that there may be something beyond our ordinary experience of day-to-day life.

  • All the above mentioned events are influenced, to a considerable extent, by the notion that there is something more than what we humanly know

There are many other events in the Town Hall, that are not included in the above, of real importance, The School Concerts, The Camphill Community’s celebrations of Christian Festivals, Various Children’s Shows, Resident Association Meetings, The Kilcullen Community Associations various events, Presentation by Kildare County Council, etc

The Town hall plays a vital role in the life of the Community of Kilcullen.  It is funded by charges made on the various groups who use it.  However, it is important to state that these charges are always tailored to the ability of any particular group to pay and nobody is excluded because of lack of finance.