Kill Programmes

Kill Programmes – Kill History Group

Spring & Summer 2019

Monday 28th January: Annual General Meeting

Monday 25th February: The General Election of 1918 in Kildare
– Tom Nelson

Monday 25th March: ‘Maura Laverty: From Rathangan to Tolka Row’
– Seamus Kelly

Monday 22nd April: Dáil Éireann and the emergence of political party system in Kildare 1919-1923
– Seamus Cullen

Monday 27th May: “Chatting with Count John Mc Cormack;
conversations in Moore Abbey”
– Pat Lonergan

Monday 24th June: Fr Browne and his photographs
– Paddy Walsh


Monday 26th August: [Heritage Week Talk]

All meetings  take place in the Parish Meeting Room at 8.30 p.m.
(unless otherwise indicated)