Open day at Dún Ailinne Archaeological site

The Thompsons and the Dún Ailinne field school (George Washington University) are going to have an open day at Dún Ailinne to allow people to see the site and also hear about the archaeological work that has been done there.

The open day is on Sunday, July 8, from 1-4.

Visitors will be free to walk around the site, and Susan Johnston of the Anthropology Department of George Washington University will be giving a talk on site at 1pm followed by Pam Crabtree at 2:30pm. The importance of the site will be discussed along with information on Bernard Wailes discoveries in his earlier excavations. The research carried out by the Dún Ailinne field school since Bernard Wailes excavations, including the excavations this year which will be open for viewing, will also be explained with ample time for questions.

There will be a €5 charge at the gate and the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of St. Brigid’s Hospice. The gate at the road will be open so people can park in the lower field if they wish.

The Thompsons have also requested that we let people know that they enter the site at their own risk and the Thompsons aren’t liable for any injuries.