RIA Commemorations Bursary Scheme

Submissions open 9th May, 2024
Submissions close 9th August, 2024
Funding Amount €1,500 to €10,000 per project

The aim of the Commemorations Bursary scheme is to encourage new local research and local history studies (local, national and regional) as a means of recognising the significant contribution of local historians in furthering fields of study relating to the Commemoration of events associated with the early years of the state as well as other significant historical anniversaries, events and themes.

Applications are welcomed which focus on any of the themes listed below:

  • Community-led commemoration and reflection; Remembering local legacies, personalities, places, events, and themes that had particular significance for counties and communities in 1924 and in the early years of the State.  Exploring local connections with nationally important events and how these events were experienced or received locally.
  • Ireland and the Wider World; Exploring the international dimension, including local connections, emigration, and the role of the Irish Diaspora in the events that occurred during the early years of the State.  Exploring how events in Ireland were received and reported abroad.
  • Experiences of Women; Exploring the experiences of women during the early years of the State and their contribution to the events that occurred, including their changing role in society.
  • Democracy and Politics; Exploring the prominent personalities and local issues associated with elections during this period.
  • Establishing a New Order; Exploring the evolution of political and administrative structures at national and local government level; Exploring the establishment and development of the various institutions of the State; Exploring the development of new infrastructure, e.g. transportation, communications, postal services, energy, etc.
  • Re-building a Nation; Reflections on healing, repairing and re-building in the context of the traumatic legacy of the Civil War.
  • The partitioning of Ireland; Exploring the impacts and legacies on communities living along the newly established border and further afield.
  • A changing society during the early years of the State; Exploring the themes below in the context of the early years of the State.
    • Popular social, cultural, and civic movements;
    • Social class and gender;
    • The Irish language;
    • Social policies and welfare;
    • Education;
    • Family life and children in the early years of the State;
    • Labour and employment;
    • Land and rural life;
    • The role of religion and faith;
    • The significance of sport in communities;
    • Experiences of people in Ireland during this period who would today identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community;
    • Experiences of immigration to the local authority area and of minority ethnic groups in Ireland;
    • Innovation and developments in the fields of industry, agriculture, science, commerce, health and medicine, communications, technology, recreation.
  • Emotions, experiences, and expectations; Exploring what was felt and what was hoped for following the Civil War and in the developing Irish State.
  • Creative thinking and the arts; Exploring poetry, literature, music, theatre, and other art forms from 1924 and the early years of the State.
  • Other significant anniversaries, events and themes; Exploring other historical events and related themes, and their significance for the local authority area (e.g. the Great Famine; the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829; the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Ireland Act).

What you need to know to apply

All details of the scheme are available on this webpage: https://www.ria.ie/grants/commemorations-bursary/ and also in this document which applicants are asked to read thoroughly before applying.

The application form is available here

All queries can be sent to grants@ria.ie