Russborough Talks

Russborough House, are starting a new monthly history lecture series titled “Russborough Talks”.

The first lecture is titled “Swift, The Leesons, and the Landed Nouveau Riche in the Early 18th Century” and will be delivered by Dr Brendan Twomey at 10:30am on Wednesday 18th Oct. The event comprises of a 30 min talk, tea and scones in the cafe and a guided tour of the house. Tickets are €25, and you can find more info at the following link:

Following dates for the series are as follows;

Wednesday 8th November – 10.30am

How The Habitat of Early Humans, Full of Fear of The Unknown Became, By The 19th Century, One That Was Considered Beautiful and Inspiring 

By Suzanne Pegley

Wednesday 6th December – 10.30am

The Beits: Culture Glitz & Glam 

By Valerie Twomey