Rebellion Towns & Villages

Rebellion Towns & Villages

The data below summarise the main events and locations associated with the 1798 Rebellion in Co. Kildare through information tables.

A brief narrative account of the events for a selected number of towns and villages, along with the massacre at Gibbet Rath, the United Irishmen surrender at Knockaulin, and the final end of the Rebellion in Co. Kildare, can be accessed from the links menu below (and at the end of each individual “Rebellion Towns & Villages” page, or from the menu to the right).

Rebellion Towns & Villages – brief narrative accounts

Naas | Ballymore | Old Kilcullen | Knockaulin | Narraghmore | Ballitore | Athy | Monasterevin | Kildare Town | Rathangan | Gibbet Rath | Clane | Prosperous | Timahoe | Ovidstown | Surrender

Battles in County Kildare during the 1798 Rebellion
 Location Dates
1.NaasMay 24th
2.BallymoreMay 24th
3.ProsperousMay 24th and June 19th
4.ClaneMay 24th / Ambushes July 5th / 6th
5.Old KilcullenMay 24th
6.Turnpike HillMay 24th
7.NarraghmoreMay 24th
8.Red Gap HillMay 24th
9.CastledermotMay 24th
10.MonasterevinMay 24th
11.KilcockMay 25th/ June 1st and June 4th
12.LeixlipMay 25th/ May 26 and June 8th
13.RathanganMay 26th and May 28th
14.MaynoothJune 10th/June 14th
15.OvidstownJune 19th
16.ClonardJuly 10th
Rebel Occupation in County Kildare during the 1798 Rebellion
1.ProsperousMay24th-June 19th
2.KnockaulinMay 24th-May 28th
3.KildareMay 24th-May 29th
4.RathanganMay 26th-May 28th
5.BallitoreMay24th-May 27th
6.BarnhillMay 26th-Early June
7.Gibbet RathMay 26th-May 29th
8.TimahoeMay26th-July 21st
Yeomanry Houses in County Kildare during the 1798 Rebellion
1MillicentClane CavalryR. Griffith
2FurnaceNaas CavalryR. Nevill
3ForenaughtsForenaughts CavalryJ. Wolfe
4KillasheeKilcullen InfantryT. Graydon
5HarristownKilcullen CavalryR. La Touche
6NarraghmoreEast Narragh CavalryM. Keatinge
7BelanMoone & Talbotstown CavalryEarl of Aldborough
8MilbrookCastledermot CavalryJ. Green
9GlassealyLoyal Athy InfantryT.T. Rawson
10Moore AbbeyMonasterevin CavalryMarquis of Drogheda
11RathanganRathangan Cavalry 
12BallinaBallina CavalryA. O’Farrell
13DonadeaDonadea CavalrySir F. Alymer, Bart.
14CartonMaynooth CavalryDuke of Leinster
Government Garrisons in County Kildare during the 1798 Rebellion

Naas was subjected to a Rebel attack on May 24th the Rebels were repulsed by the force of the Garrison.

Athy remained strong throughout the Rebellion.

Prosperous was sacked by Rebels on May 24th with a loss of 40 of the Garrisons troops

Garrisons protected by Yeomanry following troops withdrawal on May 24th

Castledermot attacked May 24th; Rebels repulsed

Ballitore occupied by Rebels May 24th-May 27th with the loss of a number of Suffolk fencilbles

Castlemartin headquarters of the military in Co. Kildare

Ballymore attacked May 24th; Rebels repulsed with loss of 7 Dragoons

Monasterevin attacked May 25th with loss of 5 yeomen

Kildare occupied by Rebels May 24th-May 27th

Kilcock attacked May 25th/June 1st/June 4th; Rebels repulsed on all occasions

Clane attacked May 24th; Rebels repulsed

Sallins remained unaffected

Rathangan Garrison withdrew a day later than all other Garrisons. Rathangan was attacked May 26th and remained occupied until May 28th.