K3D – Ballymore North Cross

Ballymore North High Cross in 3D

Text and Model by Seán Sourke


High Cross (National Monument KD029-011006-)
One of two High Crosses of uncertain date (ranging from the 10th to the 12th century) located in the churchyard of St John’s Church of Ireland, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare. The cross is carved from three separate pieces of granite; the head constituting one piece, the shaft another, which, in turn, is seated in a socketed stepped pyramidal base. The cross is missing its pinnacle but is well preserved otherwise with only some damage to the south arm and the east face. It is distinguished from most high crosses in not having a typical ringed head with pierced holes, but rather, a “wheel-head”. The cross has three bosses (most likely originally four), which are a feature often associated with high crosses interpreted as being early examples, although this is now debated. No figurative carvings is present on the cross and the only decorative carvings are the bosses, roll mouldings on the ring, and some previously unrecorded scalloping (discovered with this model) on the lower east face of the cross head where it meets the shaft, the latter detail may not be original.

The cross was apparently re-erected in 1689 and an inscription testifying to this has been carved on the west face. It reads as follows: within the ring: “IHS” a cross extends from the H; north arm: “R/NO/TH(E)/9”; south arm: “16/89”; below the ring above the shaft: “ERECTEDBY”; top of the shaft: “BY/AM WALL”

AM Wall has been identified as Ambrose Wall, who was Sheriff of Co. Wicklow at the time and was killed the following year (1690) at the siege of Limerick.

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