K3D – Shaw Family Grave

Castledermot Shaw Family Grave in 3D

Text and Model by Digital Heritage Age


Shaw Family Grave – 1699 and 1711 (This stone is not a registered National Monument)
‘The infrequent occurance of the surname Shaw or its variants Shoe and Shew in the early Castledermot records leads me to believe that they are all derived from the same person – viz. Thomas Shaw Sr., who married about 1755. For certain, the Shaws of Castledermot town are definitely descended from Thomas Shaw Sr., who, along with his sons John and Thomas Jr. are mentioned in documents relating to the 1798 rebellion as being members of the United Irishmen.’

(Source – A Genealogy of the Shaw Family of Castledermot and Knocknagee – Michael J. Wall)

Reading of Shaw Grave by Wall: Here lyeth the body of George Shaw Junior who died the 23rd day of March 1699. T.S. Also the body of/ George Shaw SenR who departed this life the 11th day of/ February 1711 aged 72 years. I rest in hope to rise againe for it is said none shall remaine unjudged at the judgement. I have paid the debt you all must pay

Survey: @Dh_Age Funded: Kildare County Council Community Heritage Grant 2017

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