K3D – Moone Tower House

Moone Tower House in 3D

Model by Tír 3D Surveys, text from the Historic Environment Viewer


Castle – Tower House (National Monument KD036-032—-)
Description from the Historic Environment Viewer: A four storey structure of uncoursed limestone rubble (dims 8.4m N-S x 8.1m E-W; H 15.3), with several dressed quoins in the NW corner. The batter on the N and W sides blocks two loops, and a possible entrance (in the N wall). The entrance in the N end of the E wall has a murder hole, and opens into a chamber (dims 4.5m N-S x 3.5m E-W) roofed with a pointed vault, which has several wall cupboards. The stairs to the first floor are in the E wall, and double back in a lintelled corridor at first floor level. They are lit by rectangular slits. The N wall has rectangular splayed loops. A dovecote has been built into the tower house, and access to the main chamber on the first floor is now via a hole broken through the lintelled corridor. This floor has ogee headed windows, and similar windows light the stairway to the third floor (the dovecote has completely blocked access to the second floor), which has a stone arched fireplace. Access to the parapet is via the stairs in the S wall. The tower house is situated on a slight rise overlooking the River Greese. (Bradley et al. 1986 vol. 3, 328-331)


  • 1. Bradley, J., Halpin, A., and King, H.A. 1986 Urban Archaeological Survey – County Kildare (4 vols.). Unpublished report commissioned by the Office of Public Works, Dublin.

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