K3D – Bronze Age House

Bronze Age House Site in 3D

Descriptions and Models by Impact GIS


Bronze Age Round House, Drinnastown South, Co. Kildare (Licence number: 18E0264)
Excavation: Boston Hill, Drinnastown South, Co. Kildare (2018:515)

NOTE: download size is 124MB.

Description: 3D model captured by drone of excavation of Bronze Age house site at Drinnanstown South, County Kildare.

NOTE: download size is 125MB.

Description: 3D model of pottery discovered at Drinnanstown South, Feature 19. Bronze Age house site.

Impact GIS (https://impactgis.com/) is a development led environmental and cultural heritage consultancy services based in Co. Galway. The two models above, a drone captured photogrammetry model showing the excavation of a Bronze Age house site at Drinnanstown South, and a model of pottery excavated at the same site, can be accessed at: https://sketchfab.com/impactgis. More information about this excavation is available on excavations.ie at: https://excavations.ie/report/2018/Kildare/0027378/