K3D – Norman-French Cross-Slab

Medieval Cross-Slab in 3D

Text and Model by Digital Heritage Age


St James Churchyard, Castledermot, Inscribed slab (National Monument KD040-002021-)
Norman-French cross-slab fragment, 13th/14th century. Located lying in the grass south of the church and NE of the Southern high cross in St James’ Graveyard. Inscription read by Bradley et al in 1986 as: IE SE VC [A]LME EIT M[ERCI] (the end of this word was guessed)

Today some of these letters have worn off, but the last letter on the first line looks more like an O, giving the following reading:


Survey: @Dh_Age Funded: Kildare County Council Community Heritage Grant 2017

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