K3D – Kilwarden Rock Art

Rock Art from Kilwarden, Co. Kildare in 3D

Model by Robert Mark


Rock Art from Kilwarden, Co. Kildare (National Monument KD020-018—-)
Now in the National Museum of Ireland (NMI 1994:58; DU018-412—-)

Description (from Historic Environment Viewer): Discovered in 1990 when a ‘rough circle or arc of boulders’ (est. diam. c. 20m) was cleared off the SE slope of Kill hill, c. 500m E of a hilltop enclosure (KD020-001—-). It consists of a boulder of green Silurian slate (dims. L 1.54m; Wth 0.96m; H 0.4m) that has two surfaces decorated with two large, complex motifs consisting of cupmarks surrounded by alternating bands of small pecked cups and rings. There are also several ringed cups enclosed by bands of small cups, and simple ringed cupmarks (one with radial grooves), with the rest of one surface covered in small shallow cupmarks. The removed ‘rough circle or arc of boulders’, of chiefly Silurian slate with some red conglomerate, may have been the remnants of a cairn (Brindley 1987-91). The stone was removed to the National Museum of Ireland in 1993 (NMI 1994:58; DU018-412—-).
Compiled by: Gearóid Conroy
Date of upload: 19 March 2014


  • 1. Brindley, A. L. 1987-91 Rock art at Kilwarden. Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society 17, 202-5.

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Robert Mark Ph.D., Stanford University, Chief Scientist at Rupestrian Cyber Services (rupestrian.com), Research Associate and staff member at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Among his extensive collection of Rock Art, artifacts, and monuments from around the world posted on his sketchfab account, is a selection of Irish Rock Art, including the Kilwarden Stone from Co. Kildare, now located in the National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street. The Irish collection include two models of the famous Entrance Kerbstone at Newgrange, one generated from data collected in 1984, and a more contemporary capture that shows the effects of lichen growth in the intervening years. The Irish models can be accessed at: https://sketchfab.com/rmark/collections/ireland-d621776b69c643d39d337c1cf8555682