K3D – Kilkea Exhibitionist Figure

Kilkea Castle Exhibitionist Figure in 3D

Text and Model by Digital Heritage Age for Castledermot Local History Group


Exhibitionist Figure (National Monument KD037-017005-)
This medieval carving is set into a Quoin stone above the Guard House of the bawn of Kilkea Castle, a multi-phase Medieval Castle. The stone is located c. 5m above ground level The medieval concept of the ‘Evil Eye’ The idea of the “Evil Eye” was a the gaze of person (unknown to themselves) who cursed any human being, beast, or crop etc., would unintentionally cause it to sicken or be blighted by its evil influence. It was common in the medieval period to adorn castles and churches with symbols designed to catch the ‘Evil Eye’ This elaborate stone, depicting It depicts a man engaged in a sexual act with a semi-human creature with the head of dog or wolf while another beast appears to be having sexual intercourse and eating the man at the same time while a bird pecks at his nipple is said to be such a stone. It is possible that ‘Sheela-na-Gigs’ served a similar purpose. The hyper sexual nature of the stone attracting a visitors eye, and in turn the Evil Eye Curse.

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