K3D – Fitzgerald-Kildare Harp

Fitzgerald-Kildare Harp in 3D

Models by Elaina Surgue and Ciarán McCormack, text by Barbara Karlik


Irish Harp (National Museum 1946.47)
A (probably) late 17 century harp with the initials R.F.G. an the coat of arms of a second son of the FitzGeralds of Kildare family on the front of the forepillar.

The harp is in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland – NMI. http://museum.ie The museum number of the item is 1946.47

See my website for more about me, why I comissioned the scans and the efforts to make a working copy of the instrument: http://harfiarka.pl/en/

3D mesh of the Fitzgerald-Kildare harp comissioned by Barbara Karlik harp scanned on 24.10.2017 by Elaina Surgue data processed by 3Dprinting Ireland, Elaina Surgue and Ciarán McCormack Scale of model 1:1

NOTE: download size is 36MB.