K3D – Mullamast Carved Stone

Mullamast Carved Stone in 3D

Text and Model by The Discovery Programme (additional text Seán Sourke)


Stone carved with La Tène style motifs (National Museum – Archaeology, 1906:252)
The Mullamast or Mullaghmast Stone, is a Limestone boulder carved with decorative motifs of the La Tène style. It was discovered as part of the masonry in a castle that was demolished around the turn of the twentieth century. The Castle was on the east side of the Hill of Mullaghmast in south Kildare, close to the likely inauguration site of Uí Dúnlainge Kings of Leinster.

The stone has been dated to AD500-600 and it has been postulated that it was the ritualistic inauguration stone of the Uí Dúnlainge Kings of Leinster during this period. It was removed to the National Museum of Ireland after its discovery, where it remains on display in the NMI – Archaeology, Kildare Street, Dublin. It was one of the items featured in the 100 Objects project, see: https://100objects.ie/mullamast-stone/

Discovery Programme text: This model was recorded with the co-operation and permission from The National Museum of Ireland. The original object is located and displayed in The National Museum of Ireland, Kildare St, Dublin.

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Mullamast Carved Stone (monochrome)

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