K3D – Kilkea Mermaid Stone

Kilkea Mermaid Stone Figure in 3D

Text and Model by Digital Heritage Age for Castledermot Local History Group


Exhibitionist Figure (National Monument KD037-017025-)
Described in the Urban Survey (Bradley et. al. 1986, 286) as a ‘Mermaid stone. 16th – 17th cent. Lying on the ground at the W end of the nave is a limestone panel decorated in relief with a mermaid. She has two long strands of hair, one of which she holds in her right hand, pendulous breasts, and her left hand holds a comb/mirror. The lower part of her body is shaped like a fish and a snake-like creature is biting her tail’ (Fitzgerald 1899-1902, 241).

NOTE: This model requires good bandwidth and a reasonably powerful computer to view successfully, as the download size is 171MB, recommended viewing mode, Metcap (under Model Inspector).