K3D – Monasterevin Iron Sword

Monasterevin Iron Sword Recreation in 3D

Models by Spooky Boi, text by Seán Sourke


Iron Sword – (partial). Replica by Vince Evan (National Museum —-)
The original partial sword (hilt and partial blade) on display at the National Museum of Ireland, was found in the River Barrow close to Monasterevin in Co. Kildare. The descriptive information for the sword at the National Museum postulates that it may represent a transitional form of sword between the 15th and 16th century types. This 3D model, by Spooky Boi (no further information available), is based on an interpretative replica displayed in the National Museum that was created by Vince Evan.

NOTE: download size is 4MB. Most models in the K3D section are digital captures from real objects using either laser scanning or photogrammetry techniques to accurately recreate their geometry and colour information. This model was manually constructed in 3D modelling software, most likely, from reference images of the replica sword. And like that replica, it is not an exact copy, (or a digital surrogate in the case of laser and photogrammetry captures) but rather an interpretation of the sword.