K3D – Killeen Cormac Ogham IV

Killeen Cormac Ogham Stone IV in 3D

Descriptions and Models by Ogham in 3D Project


Ogham Stone, Colbinstown IV (CIIC 22) (National Monument KD032-044004-)
Text from Ogham in 3D page URI: https://ogham.celt.dias.ie/22._Colbinstown_IV
The site, a gravel mound known as Killeen Cormac (Cell Ingen Cormaic/Cell Fhine Cormaic?) is classified as a ‘Burial Ground’, but may be regarded as an important early ecclesiastical site. A recent geophysical survey of the site (Greene 2013, 26-47) shows traces of a trivallate enclosure of which the burial ground is just the nucleus of a much more extensive early Christian foundation. Seven ogham stones were originally found at this site, at least one of which was broken up and re-used in the construction of a surrounding wall in the late 19th century (Macalister 1945, 26). One of the ogham stones, currently on display in the National Museum of Ireland, is a bilingual stone (rare in Ireland) with both an ogham inscription and one in Latin (CIIC. 19 Colbinstown I).

Text: ‘The scores are chisel-cut, and are in good condition except for wear and some fractures. The beginning is lost…The letters before the present beginning must have been vowels and B consonants, for the H-surface is intact and shows no marking. The stone reads up to the dexter edge as far as the C: after that it turns on to the top. A fracture at the corner has carried off the OI: only A, I, of the second name remain’ ‘ (Macalister 1945, 26-7). While the remains of a few vowel notches are possible on the top of the stone, these are far from clear. Also, although there is little doubt about the reading of MUC[OI], only partial scores survive for the C because of the fracture here at the top of the stone.

Transliteration: [ … ]EGNI KOI MAQI ṂUC̣[/OI] Ạ[ … ]Ị[ … ]

Translation: ‘… here, son of the descendant of …’

For more information please visit Ogham in 3D website page URI: https://ogham.celt.dias.ie/22._Colbinstown_IV

Killeen Cormac Ogham, Colbinstown IV – Monochrome

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Killeen Cormac Ogham, Colbinstown IV – Colour

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